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Aluminum panel formwork

Aluminum panel formwork
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Product Description

· Aluminum panel system is a new intergrated forming and shoring system.
· It is a flexible solution for monolithic casting or two stage casting of wall, beam, slab and staircase.
· The panels are reinforced by tie rod and wing nut, which can make sure good verticality of wall.
· The smooth concrete surface finish after stripping eliminates the need of costly plastering.

Items Aluminium formwork
Material Aluminium alloy 6061-T6
Installation After short period of training, workers can easily learn to install and dismantle the formwork.
Construction period 3-5 days per storey.
Machine assistance Does not require crane for shifting and assembly, allowing the crane to be used for other activities that would have needed to be delayed if the conventional formwork system was used.
Quality of formwork The aluminium formwork is firm enough that will not burst, which can save the cleaning cost and the concrete won’t be wasted.
Plastering cost As the smooth effect after removing the formwork, there is no need to plaster.
Formwork stability The load capacity is 60 KN per sqr meter,which can generate good integrality and uniform load. Aluminum formwork is firm that will prevent formwork from shifting.
Scrap value The scrap value is about 50% of the new panel.


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